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Management Software for Water Quality and Groundwater Sampling Data

Featuring a fully customizable database of physical and chemical parameters and a comprehensive selection of analysis, calculation, modeling, and graphing tools, AquaChem is a truly unique groundwater software package.

AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data. These tools include simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations.

These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive selection of commonly used plotting techniques to represent the chemical characteristics of aqueous geochemical and water quality data.

The Mann-Kendall test is a trend estimator that can be used to prove if contaminant concentrations are significantly diminishing or rising over time. The version of the Mann-Kendall Test used in AquaChem can be applied for virtually any groundwater parameter, and is a critical tool for long-term monitoring optimization and reporting.


AquaChem Product Details Summary

Data Management

Built around a customizable MS Access database that can be configured to include more than 1000 alphanumeric parameters per sample.

Parameters are divided into the following parameter groups: station description parameters, sample description parameters, measured parameters, and modeled parameters.

Each parameter group contains predefined parameters which can be used to create a customized data structure for your sampling and reporting requirements.

Data may be imported and exported in various formats including MS Access, MS Excel and .TXT files.

Data Analysis

AquaChem uses the common measured values (cations and anions) for each sample to calculate additional geochemical values including water type, sum of Anions, sum of Cations, Ion Balance, TDS, hardness, Alkalinity, Common Ion Ratios, Sodium Adsorption Ratio, Magnesium Hazard, Ozygen saturation and Scaling Indexes such as Langlelier Index, Ryznar Stability Index, Puckorius Scaling Index and Larson-Skoid Index.

Data Analysis features include: Compare Samples, Correlation Matrix, Water Quality samples, Mix Samples, Data Reliability check, Rock Source Deduction.

Statistical Calculations

AquaChem includes a comprehensive list of statistical features, optimized to work with your water quality data set. Statistical features included with this software are: Trend analysis (Mann Kendall, Sen's Test), Outlier Tests (Extreme value, Discordance, Rosner, Walsh test), Test For Normality (Studentized range test, Geary's, Shapiro, D'Agostino test.

Water Quality Modeling

AquaChem provides a link to one of the popular public domain geochemical modeling programs, PHREEQC available from the USGS.

PHREEQC generated values (saturation indicies, activities) can be read back to the database and used for reporting, plotting or statistics.

Plotting, Mapping & Reporting
One of AquaChem's most powerful features is its ability to efficiently manage, create, and graphically display a wide range of water quality data.

Includes a comprehensive selection of more than 23 industry-standard plots including: Piper, Schoeller, Scatter, Box & Wisker, time series, histogram, Stiff, Radial and Pie chart.

AquaChem offers a unique way to interact with graphics and allows for quick identification of points on plots.

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